I have a responsibility to the woman of today— to make her feel confident, modern and above all else beautiful." The House of Carolina Herrera has embraced the beauty and joy of a vibrant life for over three decades, defining a signature style of bold elegance and modern refinement that continues to guide the House each day.



Good Girl is inspired by Carolina Herrera’s unique vision of the duality of the modern woman: at once powerful and playful, elegant and sexy. Her light and dark elements combine for a sophisticated fragrance of mysterious grace, with notes of bright jasmine and rich cocoa. #GoodToBeBad


Bad Boy

BAD BOY is a fragrant expression of duality, representing the bold nature of the modern man. At once strong and sensitive, confident and relaxed, the BAD BOY embraces his contrasting characteristics with assured ease and a distinct sophistication.



Created with New York’s energetic spirit and fearless sense of confidence in mind, 212 combines a sense of past and present into a refreshingly modern scent. Youthful notes are grounded with a sensual finish for an intriguingly bold fragrance, created for those who bring the party everywhere they go. #OWNTHEPARTY



Inspired by the timeless yet modern elegance of the Carolina Herrera spirit, CH brings a sense of relaxed joy to fragrance. An optimistic scent at once fresh and elegant, CH is an invisible power for those at ease with themselves.


Travel Exclusives